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We are a Melbourne based Newborn Baby, Children's and Family Portrait Photography Studio, located in the beautiful Yarra Valley.  We capture your family at every stage in our studio, from beautiful and unique newborn baby portraits to updating family portraits once your children have grown. 

Let Emma create amazing custom portraits of your family, ones you will treasure on your walls always! Our client base travels from all over Melbourne often taking advantage of the beautiful wineries and cafes in the Valley for lunch after their sessions!

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We hope you thoroughly enjoy the artwork we create from our clients families, it is always such an honour that we are entrusted to capture these moments and share a small piece of your families memories.  

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Sunday, July 31, 2016
By Emma Hutch Photography
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Beautiful newborn baby Joey came to the studio this week for his first family portraits with Mummy and Daddy Jess and Dom.  This sweet bubs is named after both his grandfathers, which is so special.  My own eldest son is named for his great-grandfather and he is so proud of the fact and I know Joey will be too! He's also the first grandchild on both sides of his lovely family, so excitement levels where through the roof waiting for Joey's arrival! 

Jess brought in some gorgeous little slouch hats so we had some fun with these while Joey slept through the whole session, completely rocking his froggy poses and also giving us some of the most beautiful little grins! 

I love when my clients entrust me to capture their baby's first beautiful portraits, it is such an honour and the best feeling to create art for them that will hang on their walls for many years and be passed along generations as well. 

If you would like me to capture beautiful images of your family please give me a call on 0419 593 380 or email me at


Saturday, July 09, 2016
By Emma Hutch Photography
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Being a newborn baby photographer means I get to meet the most amazing people at a time that is so special to capture and remember forever.  The arrival of your first child is exhilerating, lifechanging, exciting, frantic, exhausting, and very often scary and throws you head first into the world of parenthood, ready or not! I remember leaving the hospital with my first born waiting for someone to tap me on the shoulder to ask where I thought I was going with a baby!

Al and Alicia have taken everything in their stride, with the best sense of humour you could ever imagine.  I loved Alicia's story of vomiting red slushie on the side of the highway with morning sickness and a passing jogger thought it was blood! Their beautiful new son Dominic aced every single pose we put him in, and if you can't tell from the last gorgeous image Al is tennis mad, so "ace-ing" it was bound to happen! 

Al and Alicia booked in nice and early for their newborn portrait session, if you are currently pregnant and would like us to capture precious newborn baby portraits for you, we suggest you book as early as possible to secure your place in our diary on 0419 593 380.  Emma x  

Friday, July 01, 2016
By Emma Hutch Photography
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I had so much fun taking beautiful family portraits of Gayle and her son Joel at the National Rhodedendron Gardens in Melbourne's stunning Dandenong Ranges recently. If you are looking for a fabulous outdoor location to have your family portraits taken in Melbourne then you should definitely consider a drive up Mount Dandenong to Olinda.  Olinda has so many beautiful parks and gardens to choose from and is stunning at all times of the year.

Joel was such a funny little man, he loves throwing things and has his own divining rod at home, so we all had a chuckle when he picked up the forked stick.  Gayle's beautiful twin sister Belinda gave this session as a birthday gift, I cannot think of a better present to give than lifetime memories of her son to hang on her walls!  Thanks Belinda, Gayle and Jean, it was so lovely to meet you all and play with Joel xox

If you would like to update your own family portraits, please give me a call on 0419 593 380 to have a chat!

Friday, June 24, 2016
By Emma Hutch Photography
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I love capturing newborn baby twins, there is just something special about two little ones that have spend nine months completely entwined.  As Melbourne is turning up the freezing weather, you would never know it was so icy outside in the studio, the babies love the warmth and I often have parents comment they've not seen their little ones so relaxed so little clothing!  I'm sure Dale and Sarah will cherish Max and Charlie's newborn portraits forever, I'm happy to have delivered them archival quality images that have captured how tiny, yet different their beautiful twins are! 

If you are expecting and would like to book a session for your baby, we suggest getting in touch from your second trimester onwards, booking your place in our schedule ensures your session regardless of when your baby arrives!

If your bubs has already arrived please do get in touch with us as soon as possible, we often have last minute vacancies due to the often late or early arrival of newborn sessions booked in already! Phone us for the quickest response - 0419 593 380

Emma xox

Emma Hutch Photography - Melbourne Baby Photography Studio

Saturday, February 21, 2015
By Emma
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Well it is February, and the last few busy months have slipped by so quickly in the studio. As this is the month of love, I'm sharing below an image of baby Jack, there is no love stronger than that a parent has for a child.

Here's beautiful baby Jack, taken recenty in our Melbourne Family Portrait and Newborn Photography Studio:

Speaking of love, I belong to a group of supportive photographers who have all attended a workshop by the extremely talented Barb Uil of Jinkyart, and thought I'd share some of their amazing work with you all.


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